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What is Yartsevo? It’s a small green town on the territory of the Smolensk region. It’s situated on the Vop River (the tributary of the Dnieper) and it’s the center of the Yartsevo district. The climate of Yartsevo is continental. There are a lot of small rivers and hills. Because of its situation in the Central economic district near by the capital of the country the role of the Yartsevo district as a transit territory between Moscow and some countries of the Central and West Europe increases.
In connection with this fact the local authorities began the reconstruction of the part of the highway situated in the boundary of the Yartsevo district. The motel "Oasis” situated there is already mentioned in the new road-books and is very popular because of high quality of the service. Unfortunately, Yartsevo experienced also a sudden falls of the industry. The biggest factories such as the plant "Dviegatel” and others are on the brink of bankruptcy because of non-effective direction. They need new proprietors and their industrial potentials are not exhausted. Город Ярцево
In accordance with the statistic facts the population of Yartsevo is 57400 people (49400 townsmen and 8000 inhabitants of the village). The demographical situation is very difficult: during 2000s the death rate exceeded the birth rate 2-2,5 times). The unemployment and the small salaries make people migrate for Moscow and other cities. But we hope that the development of the small business will help to solve these problems.
In spite of all the difficulties the inhabitants don’t forget the culture. There are some libraries, a museum, and some musical and literature clubs. The inhabitants pay attention to their inner world. There are 3 churches: the restored temple of Peter and Paul, the chapel of "Gladness of all the sorrowful” and the Saint-Michel church, created by a young priest, confessor Sergy. The tower with the clock was built in the end of the XIX century. It reminds of the birth of Yartsevo. The local enthusiasts are going to create a museum of "Old Yartsevo” in it.
There are a lot of interesting people. For example, the Hero of the Soviet Union, marshal Oleg Locik, the writer Vilen Salkovsky. The sportsmen of Yartsevo were a great success on competitions in Russia and abroad. We have the Popular theatre-studio of Yuri Kovin. One of his pupils, Marina Asarova, works now in Moscow, in show of Yelena Stepanenko. The development of rock music in Yartsevo has already its history. In 1994 our rock singer Gennady Tchernetsov or Sunboy made a trip to Czhechia on his bicycle. In 90-th appeared such rock groups as "O.N.I.”, "Apathy”, "Dead N” and " Lillit”.
The town of Yartsevo isn’t old (the first mention in1610, status of the town in 1926), but it has its own legends, for example, the history of the origin of the name "Yartsevo”. There are 4 versions:
  1. In accordance with the site "The popular encyclopaedia of the towns of Russia”, this name appeared from the nickname "Yarets”, which you can see very often in the documents of the 15-16 centuries, and the surname "Yartsev” is spread now in the Smolensk region.
  2. The second version is more spread in the town. The name "Yartsevo” appeared from the surname of the ferryman Ivan Fomich Yartsev who put the people across the Vop River. There was an inn with a crossing near of it and the name of the village was "Yartsev perevoz”("perevoz” means "the crossing”). Then it became the name of the railway station and the settlement near the Hludov’s textile factory.
  3. The third version: the village was situated on the bank of the Vop river near the Yar (a steep slope, a precipice).
  4. The forth version: Yar is an ancient Slavonic name of the God of the commerce Mercury. There is Mercury’s sword on the arms of the Yartsevo.
Yartsevo appeared thanks to the merchant Alexei Hludov, who founded here a textile factory. He fitted it out with the newest equipment and invited many English specialists. At that time one of the streets was named Aglitskaya (English Street). In 1932-33 an arctic club appeared in Yartsevo. Otto Schmidt, a well-known academician, visited it.
During the Great Patriotic War there was a great battle on the banks of the Vop River. The German Army has been detained there for two months. Many inhabitants of Yartsevo became the heroes of this war, for example, the five brothers Sharshanov.
After the war Yartsevo was restored and became more beautiful. In 1996, it was 70 year old and got its arms and flag.
The flag of Yartsevo is white linen with two stripes: the green one is on the top of the flag, the red one – below. In the center of the flag you can see the arms of the town. The height of the arms is 3/5 of the width of the linen.
The arms have three parts: the green, the blue and the red one. It has the form of the shield. In the middle of the arms, on the blue field, there is the golden warder of the Mercury, on the green field – the golden hammer and the golden anvil. And below, on the red field, there is the silver bobbin with the yarn. In the free part you can see the arms of Smolensk. A silver crown with three merlons crowns the shield. It’s surrounded by a branch of the oak with acorns to the right and by the ears of wheat and the stems of of flax, interweaved by the Guard’s ribbon on which there is a title "Yartsevo”.
The author of the town’s symbolism is G. V. Ragnev.
The warder symbolizes the link between the foundation of the town and the commerce activity of the merchant Hludov. The anvil, the hammer and the bobbin point to the most developed branches of the industry. The Guard’s ribbon reminds of one of the divisions of Yartsevo, which became the Guard’s division.     


  • Ярцево (Смоленская область)
  • Код ОКАТО: 66258501
  • Первое упоминание: 1610
  • Статус города с: 1926
  • Местоположение: Город расположен на севере Смоленско-Московской возвышенности, на р. Вопь (приток Днепра), в 63 км к северо-востоку от Смоленска. Ж.д. станция
  • Город районного подчинения (Ярцевский р-н, Смоленская область)
  • Центр: Ярцевского района
  • Численность населения в районе 57400 человек
  • Телефонный код 48143 *****
  • Почтовый индекс 215800
  • Справочный телефон 50-900
  • Отклонение от московского времени, часы: 0
  • Географическая широта: 55°03'
  • Географическая долгота: 32°46'
Ближайшие города. Расстояния по карте (автодороге), км направление
Духовщина 26 (24) СЗ
Сафоново 32 (35) В
Дорогобуж 37 (62) ЮВ
Смоленск 54 (56) ЮЗ
Починок 72 (...) Ю
Демидов 78 (94) З
Белый (Тверская область) 85 (...) С
Вязьма 96 (96) В
Красный Холм (Тверская область) 97 (...) С
Рудня 105 (124) З
Десногорск 105 (196) Ю
Спас-Деменск (Калужская область) 109 (...) ЮВ
Велиж 117 (140) СЗ
Нелидово (Тверская область) 128 (...) С

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24.01.2018 г. Кого вдохновляет образ вождя. Президентская кампания началась. 
Фильм «Теснота», в съемках которого участвовал смолянин, получил гран-при кинофестиваля «Зеркало». 
К весне 2017 года стало окончательно понятно, что российский сегмент ютьюба превратился в самое яркое, противоречивое и влиятельное медиа в стране — и для огромного количества людей полностью подменил собой телевизор. Охват даже не самых удачных роликов нередко превышает месячную аудиторию иных сайтов; здесь находится место и незатейливым рассказам о жизни, и искусству, и науке, и абсурду, и политике. 
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06.06. 2017 г.

В Смоленске турист сорвался с Крепостной стены и погиб. 

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